Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Marathon Motivation

It's actually happening!

I knew I had until the end of the week before the price jumped another $10 so I just decided to take the plunge. It's real now. Time to put the full training plan up on the fridge and start counting down the days (116). Eek!

Speaking of training plans! Yesterday I woke up a bit sore (apparently your first 30 mile bike ride ever may do that to you) and really tired from a terrible night's sleep thanks to our broken AC so I decided not to run. Fast forward 10 hours and I realized that one does not sign up for a marathon and then skip the day's planned workout. So I fueled up with a banana + white chocolate PB, filled my water bottle with ice and headed out for 5 miles in this:

Remind me to stop hitting snooze. 

Today's post was going to be our weekly meal plan but I wanted to share this oh so exciting news instead. I'm really still just processing the fact that this is actually going to happen. I'm already nervous/excited/anxious/motivated/etc. You name it, I'm feelin' it. 

So loyal readers- any advice for a first timer? Book recommendations? Movie suggestions? Bring it on!


  1. I signed up for my second half!! I am super excited too!! But congrats on signing up for your marathon!!!

    1. Congrats to you too! Signing up for a race is such a good feeling- and the very best source of motivation!