Monday, June 3, 2013

72 Hours

So glad to be back! The past few days have finally felt normal, if not a bit busy. I feel like I've spent most of my (limited) free time in the kitchen and that makes me so happy.

chickpeas + tahini + parsley + dill + paprika, oh my!

These patties fall somewhere in between hummus + falafel, if that seems possible. They were a little dry so I have some tweaking to do before I share the recipe.

This was my grab-and-go "linner" between jobs on Friday. Our grocery situation was grim so packing food was out of the question, but a quick stop at the local co-op was just what I needed. Del's Favorite Tofu Wrap is also one of my favorites- black bean hummus, baked tofu, fresh greens and a mustard dressing all wrapped up in lavash. So good. And I couldn't resist the cookie by the checkout (vegan, gluten free and totally delicious!)

A little Saturday afternoon experimentation. I'm still working on a good homemade Larabar-type snack and I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like dates. This batch was made using dried apricots, raw almonds + cashews, chia seeds and a little sweetened coconut. Pretty good, but not yet perfect. Soon, I swear.

Yesterday was a pretty fantastic day. I woke up with the sun and got a nice 6 mile run in before it got too hot and sunny (though the last mile wasn't super fun). Came home and instantly took an ice cold shower which is my new favorite post run activity. I had about 2 minutes to throw together breakfast before I needed to be on my way to yoga.

Trader Joe's 0% vanilla Greek yogurt + raw oats + chia seeds + almonds + strawberries to go! 

I really enjoyed this week's practice. It was challenging but in a good way. My muscles were definitely a bit shaky from the 6 miles but it was a nice deep stretch.

The rest of Sunday was spent in the kitchen AGAIN. 

Cupcake test kitchen! I'm perfecting recipes for a shindig next week- better photos + more details will be shared then  :-)

Hope everyone's weekend was as good as mine!

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