Monday, June 24, 2013

Training Rundown Week 2

This weekend was so fantastic! We had an old friend in from out of town so it was a lot of catching up with folks. We got our old crew together and went to (too many) happy hours and a soccer game. Good times with good friends!

Naturally the weekend disrupted the training plan just a bit, but I still feel good about last week. Let's take a look back, shall we?

Monday: 45 minute run
This run felt really good, given that I had just ran 10 miles two days prior. It was faster than I expected (which is still kind of slow for me) and I was glad to knock it out with no problems.

Tuesday:  45 minute cross-training (NMTZ)
I was oddly looking forward to this workout. After last week's less than stellar performance I wanted to prove that I had more in me I guess. I upped my hand weights to 5 pounders (ha) and felt really strong throughout the DVD. Circuits that had given me trouble in the past felt more manageable and I take that as a good sign.

Wednesday: Speed work, 60 minute run w/ 4-6 "pickups"
I actually tried to do this run twice- I woke up nice and early and headed out but I just wasn't feeling it. I made it about half a mile before I knew it wasn't meant to be. I went home and did some abs + arms and decided to try again after work. I was a bit more successful the second time, I felt strong for the first two miles but I knew my form was suffering during my pickups. After the third I felt myself heel striking more than ever so I cut back on the "speed" part and just went for mileage. My legs were still kind of heavy from the previous week and I felt good with my decisions.

Thursday: 45 minute cross-training: Abs + arms + cycling
On Thursday morning I did a 20 minute ab + arm workout and then a 25 minute ride. I felt pretty slow on the bike but that'll happen I guess.

Friday: 40 minute run
I fit this in before work and followed in up with 8 minute abs. I actually felt fantastic during this run and if I wasn't pressed for time I would have been tempted to extend it a bit. I've really been focusing on sneaking in core work whenever I can, I think I notice the improvement in my running.

Saturday: Rest
This was supposed to be our long ride but it.was.HOT. It was 91 degrees already and we hadn't even made it out the door yet so we decided to postpone. We caught up with our old friends and got to the Crew vs. Fire soccer game (we used to go to all the Columbus Crew games, so it was like old times) which even had fire works. It was a nice a day off.

Sunday: Long Ride 
I was really looking forward to this! We drove about 25 miles away to try out a new trail. We ended up getting in about 30 miles before it was just too hot to carry on (we had each already gone through 2 water bottles!). I was a bit bummed that we couldn't make it even further, but at the same time I realize that 30 miles is a really good distance for me, given that it's my longest difference ever.

Mileage: 15 running (dial back week, plus I subbed out a weekend 6 miler for our long ride)
               45 riding 

I'm a little disappointed that I missed out on my "perfect training week" but we had a lot going on. I feel good about my mileage and the amount of cross-training I got in. Next week is heavy on the running (12-miler!) and we've got a lot of plans that involve bike commuting so I know mileage will be high. I've been upping my calories and trying to get to bed earlier and I'll continue to do that this week.


  1. I had a perfect training week this past week and it was incredible. You'll get one soon enough. it takes a lot of calm external factors and proper planning for those to come together.

    That is a great recovery week!