Friday, June 21, 2013

Hi, My name is Ashley and I'm addicted to popcorn.

Happy Friday! Everyone loves Friday, right?

Yesterday was kind of a blur. I go into work early on Thursdays so my alarm was set for some crazy time that started with a 5 so I could squeeze in a strength work out before heading out for a ride. I did abs + arms because the thought of squatting made my legs cry. As of this morning I'm 5 for 5 with my workouts this week and feeling pretty good about myself, haha.

My ride was slow but my workday went by quickly! The highlight of said day was this salad:

Aptly named the Big Salad, this guy is loaded- mixed greens, arugula, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, sunflower seeds, croutons and penne noodles. Truly fantastic. Also something I could easily make for myself, I need to stop forgetting my lunch at home.

Post work was house cleaning. We've got a friend from out of town stopping by tonight and I always like to pretend as though we keep our house spic and span at all times. And hide the evidence that our cats like to sit on tables.

If you enlarge this picture you can see that she is actually sticking her tongue out at me. They do not take me seriously at all.

Confession time. 

I am a serious addict. 

It's becoming a daily problem.

Stove top popcorn. My favorite snack.

And sometimes regular popcorn isn't good enough so I have to add sugar and cocoa powder and make dessert popcorn. (If you add it in while it's still popping it caramelizes and

I even have a dedicated popcorn pan (i.e a pan that is so damaged from excessive popcorn making that it's no longer acceptable for other uses). 

If being addicted to popcorn is wrong then I don't want to be right.

Lots to look forward to this weekend but most importantly I've got my super long bike ride tomorrow! Fingers crossed that the rain stays away.

Enjoy your weekend :-)


  1. holy smokes a pan just for popcorn? That is a sure sign of a problem. That problem being that you need new pans, because you can't have too much popcorn.

  2. Right?! I'm thinking I'll start a second one just for kettle corn..